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Why We're Here

We want skin care without a slew of artificial ingredients, and know others want the same for their skin.

We believe you should be able to find and use elegantly simple products. For your skin, for your life.


Q: So.... What is a "balm"?

A: Think "a thick lotion".  That's not all they are but it's a start!

A: I like to think of our products as goodness in a jar. Each jar is filled with all natural ingredients that each have a specific job to do for the betterment of your skin. The wax base for stability and moisture retention, naturally refined coconut oil for hydration, nutrient-rich cocoa butter (just wait until you smell it!), and soft oils for pliability and doing what balms do best for your skin!

Q: 2 ounces seems small. Is it really worth it?

A: Because there is no water or other fillers in our products, a little goes a long way! We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the life you can get out of one conveniently travel-sized (TSA compliant) jar. 

More specifically: depending on usage, expect your jar to last at least one season (i.e. 3-4 months of daily use if you're using it full-body), and up to one year or more (if using on hands/arms or targeted areas only, as needed).

Q: Which balm should I try?

While it depends on your preference here are some characteristics of our balms that might help you out:

  • Balm bars: Our firmest product, and very portable. Needs to be warmed against skin for a few seconds for easier application. Ideal for use on dry hands, but I've taken a mini balm bar on a hiking drip to a very warm and dry environment, and my skin just soaked up the goodness of the bar, and practically sighed in relief! Like balms, the balm bars will melt at high temperatures (so don't leave it in your car on a warm summer day!) But with less soft oils, it retains its form a little longer than the balm in jars.
  • Beeswax balm: Firm and smooth in texture. Takes a moment to warm up to skin temperature, then glides on skin nicely. Great for very dry skin and particularly dry hands. This is good to use anytime, but does very well when applied right before bed, for the longest possible time in contact with your skin before washing next.
  • Candelilla balm: Only slightly less firm than it's beeswax counterpart, candelilla wax in raw form is a bit more brittle which makes the balm a tad easier to scoop from the jar and melts into your skin just a little more quickly. I like this one for every-day, full-body use. These balms are also vegan as all ingredients are plant-based.
  • Creams: Soft and creamy in texture, and wonderful for more frequent use than balms as it absorbs into your skin a little more quickly.  I like to use this on my face before heading out of doors to work or walk outside on brisk days. Made with a sunflower wax, this product is vegan. 

Q: Wait - there aren't any preservatives? Won't these grow mold or other nasties?!

A: Actually no, they shouldn't. We have strict quality standards and manufacturing processes to ensure our balms and creams head out our door contaminant free, and safe for your use. 

Additionally, our products are anhydrous (no water), and mold needs water to grow. We're also very careful to ensure the butters and oils we use are high quality and have a low moisture content. So long as your product doesn't get any water or bunch of nasties dumped in, you should be good to go. 

To reduce the likelihood of adding microbes to your balm or cream, we recommend using a spoon or spatula to scoop product from the jar, instead of your fingers. Particularly if you're sharing amongst a family, or plan to eek your jar out as long as possible (We don't blame you - who doesn't want that goodness to just last forever!) 

Have a question we didn't answer? Reach out - we would love to hear from you! 

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